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100 ton Crane with 25 ton Auxilliary Hoist

  General Contractor (Oregon & Washington)
  Electrical Contractor (Oregon & Washington)
  Washington Dept of Insurance & Finance
  Oregon Construction Contractor’s Board
  Electrical Section, Bureau of Buildings, City of Portland
Fully Qualified and Legally Certified as:
  Journeyman Electricians and Certified Welders
  Equipment operators
  Trained & certified maintenance/ service technicians
  Approved Operator Training Program
Current in:
  Business licenses (Oregon & Washington)
  Worker’s Compensation policy
  Product Liability and Automobile policies

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    US Crane and Hoist, Inc. complies with all current regulating laws and registration requirements. We
have the best-qualified personnel, with the proper attitude, to help solve crane and hoist systems in
the most efficient and economical manner.
We are very proud of each of our employees.


Crane Systems and Components at US Crane and Hoist, Inc.
Bridge Cranes
Custom Cranes
Jib Cranes
Gantry Cranes
Runway Systems
Ergonomic Workstation Crane Systems
Under the Hook Lifting Devices
Components & Kits
Hoist and Crane System Parts, Service and Repair Services at US Crane and Hoist, Inc.
Load Testing
Service & Repair
Operator Training
Lift-Tech Shaw-Box Hoist, Budgit Hoist, Yale Hoist, CM Lodestar Hoist, Coffing Hoist, Chester Hoists, R & M Hoists, and Harrington Hoists available at US Crane and Hoist, Inc.
Crane and Hoist Control Systems at US Crane and Hoist, Inc.
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US Crane and Hoist, Inc.
29375 S.W.
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Wilsonville, OR

TEL: (503) 682-5881
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At US Crane and Hoist, we build and sell material handling equipment. We can design any number of configurations to suit your budget and project needs.

We offer crane systems in several ways: complete systems, components, or kits.

We offer other options such as monorails, grantry cranes, and jib cranes. And for unique projects, we build our own custom cranes to cater to your special needs.

We'll help you get the right system!

US Crane and Hoist offers a complete range of products and services including:

  Crane Systems
We design, manufacture and custom install with our own equipment all overhead material handling systems (More ... )
  Hoisting Equipment
We offer many types of hoists, trolleys and components for your project.
(More ...)
  Service and Repair
We provide scheduled preventative maintenance on all our crane systems, and offer repair on most brands of hoists and cranes. (More ...)
  Upgrade Existing Equipment
We can upgrade your existing material handling equipment to meet todays standards. (More ...)
  Load Testing
We offer certified proof load testing of cranes and hoists. (More ...)
  OSHA Certifications
We can inspect and test for OSHA compliance. (More ...)
  Operator Education and Training
We offer operator training at a very affordable price. (More ...)

We are fully qualified, legally certified and eager to serve you! We're also have properly maintained and serviced equipment and safety is a must! We can help you! (See Our Credentials ...)


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